Sunday, 22 May 2011

Thursday Scrapbook Night

Not quite a full class tonight but still a very busy night cutting out 2.5 inch squares and making our own flowers!!  Good thing the chocolate muffins helped us keep up our energy!!!

Here is the scrapbook page - still thinking of a title for this one LOL - this is little Heidi realising that what she is holding is a eeerrghhhh SNAIL!!!

All the pages are from the Sweet Fairy Collection by Prima (who else for fab paper like this)!!!

And here are the ladies all busy, BUSY!!

Sharon, Lisa, Kerry and Lynn all busy concentrating and quiet (the quiet didn't last long)!

Wendy and Chris busy with their flowers whilst the lovely Sandra took time out to pose for me LOL

Oh and this one......

This is Sandra still crafting away long LONG time after everyone had gone home!!!  I don't know... these perfectionists!!! 

And finally Sandra and her finished page - well worth the wait even though it was nearing midnight!!! ONLY JOKING - not even 9:30pm!!

See you all next week

Polly xx

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